Who we are Looking for

We are looking for flexible Thinkers who understand the difference in people
Someone who shares ideas and visions freely and works together toward a common goal. We have a company culture that we share our tasks every morning around the table and plan things ahead and find a way to cooperate with other members.

Someone with the challenging spirit who wants to grow together within our company
We are professionals who keep learning and educating each other to help other members become better. We are waiting for a professional who can teach and lean at the same time.

Someone with diligence and passion who will explore new areas.
Most part of our daily tasks are related to researching and studying for the new areas. Someone with challenging spirit who is willing and capable of investigating and studying. We are pioneers who want to explore the new areas.

Job description

I.M Developer


Objective: Software Developer
Someone with craftsmanship who wants to have an experience in developing programs related to bluetooth, and realtime data processing with basic knowledge of the Framework.

Job description
(iPhone, Android, PC) Develop Apps/programs related to CPR education
(Server) Develop Servers that is stable and expandable.
(Embedded) Develop hardware which is installed in CPR manikin

Knowledge and experience in Objective-c(iPhone).
Knowledge and experience in Java(Android).
Knowledge and experience in Java, Python(Server).
Knowledge and experience in ARM, C and hardware(Embedded)

I.M Developer


Objective: Hardware Developer
Someone with great interest in making things and commercialization of products
Someone who catch the core issue and improve the issue.
A person with Action with executive ability.

Job description
(Circuit design) design the interior of the product
(Device design and upgrade) Develop prototype
(Mass Production) Mass production and manage

Experience in IoT product circuit design and commercialization of products-3 years +.
Prefers ARM processor circuit design experience.
Prefers Firmware developing experience(UC OS developer in ARM cortex A/T/M)
Prefers Mass production experience.
Prefers Baseband circuit design experience/ Logic circuit analyzing experience(instrumentation device user)

I.M Designer

Objective: Designer
Someone passion in learning who understands CPR.
Someone with interest about arts or creative work in various fields.
Need team player with good communication skills and ability to switch positions freely with alacrity.

Job description
(Brand design)Design advertisement materials for the company and its products.
(UI/UX)Design graphics in PC and Mobile apps.
(Graphic Design)Illustration, 3D image design and other graphic designs, etc.

Ability to use design tools(Photoshop, Illustrator,etc),
Ability to use drawing tool(Painter, Clip Studio, etc),
Willingness to learn new design tools.

I.M Innovator

Objective: Innovator
English communication skill required.
Need Team Player with great communication skills and ability to take actions according to the result of communication within the team.

Job description
communicate with development/design team in order to create a roadmap for the business. Cooperate with other business. domestic/international marketing.

Someone who is able to do strategic and systematic thinking. Someone with flexibility and creativity, who can learn fast and adjust plans quickly.

Employee Compensations


Salaries are subject to change based on the experience and hours.


Full time: Mon~Fri 09:30~18:30, Sat/Sun/Legal holidays are off. Part time: Subject to change
Location: Daejeon or Seoul Office
Benefits: Company pays for Dinner in case of overtime.
Legal holidays, insurance, supports family event, etc.

How to apply

Email your Résumé to recruit@imlabworld.com
e-mail : recruit@imlabworld.com
Tel : 070-5056-3900