HeartiSense is an IoT product which consists of apps and a sensor kit that can be attached to a manikin that currently has no CPR feedback function. HeartiSense makes existing CPR manikins much smarter so that you can have a whole new training experience. It also provides immersive training environment which enables more accurate and efficient training.
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HeartiSense Exciting is a augmented reality-based projection simulator which provides the most realistic training experience to all trainees.
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cprCube is our Entry-level CPR training device which provides various feedback using sound, light, vibration, etc. cprCube consists of a cube-shaped device which provides realtime feedback and an app that interlocks with the hardware device which enables the trainee to have effective and focussed training session.
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HeartiSense Immersion is a AV(Augmented Virtuality) based simulator. Trainee will have the most immersive CPR training experience using Oculus or VR headset instead of tablet PC.